In Feb 2018, BNI Goa is organising the ‘Goa BizFest’ – for Celebrating Entrepreneurship Fuelling Aspirations in partnership with industry associations and other business organizations in Goa. With business friendly decisions and initiatives coming from the Indian Government, a feeling of hope has descended upon the business community.

In Goa, a very holistic and well calibrated investment policy considering Goan ethos was formulated and implementation followed through. This too is generating the right business climate in our state of Goa.

3-Days Extravaganza to boost Entrepreneurship, Employability & Development Entrepreneurship comes from within at BNI & at GEMS. Our motive is to energize the entrepreneurial spirit and nurture the business journey for success. Goa BizFest is an initiative to boost it further, beyond boundaries, so you can scale up much further. Workshops for Employability improvement and focused deliberations on various aspects of Development by experts from various partnering Organizations for a clean, green, safe and secure Goa will also be the highlights of the convention.

Goa BizFest 2018, is organized so businesses from various sectors could join in an exchange the opportunities to explore, join hands and make the big leap. Besides, GBF2018, is planned in a way to hand-hold startups, share knowledge about businesses and provide ample opportunities for bright careers to the best. Whether you are just starting an enterprise handling multiple responsibilities and roles within your company or an experienced business owner; Goa Biz Fest is surely an event you should not miss out.

GBF 2021, would have an elaborate expo pavilion for the Focused Sectors:

  • Construction & Architecture
  • Tourism & Agro Products
  • Emerging Technologies & Startups and besides others.

A perfect setting to immerse yourself in learning from Experts in the field.

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Clean & Green Goa
  • Safe & Secure Goa Tourism & Agriculture
  • Business Beyond Boundaries
  • Blue Economy...

At GBF2021,Career Counseling cum Job Fair would provide students a platoform to network with employers, submit their resume to recruiters, and explore employment / self employment opportunities.

Innovations Projects & Budding Entrepreneurs will be mentored for commercial success

  • Innovative Projects Display
  • Ideation & Soft Skills Workshop
  • Funding Options
  • GEMS Young Entrepreneur Award

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